Who We Are

SBA Funding

SBA Loan Experts

SBA Funding was founded in 2012 by Steven Rabinovici along with three other principal partners. Our partners have decades of experience running small businesses themselves. We understand the independent challenges of being small business owners.

Why Choose Us

  • SBA Funding is an expert in processing SBA loans, its guidelines, and procedures.

  • Faster loan closure compared to competitors.

  • Maximized loan value for customers.

  • Strive to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

  • Personal involvement in the small business community for years.

SBA Funding

Our Approach

  • SBA Funding always takes up a client-centered approach. Our team works with the utmost integrity and honesty. With a closing rate of 90%, we make the difficult process simple and work diligently toward maximizing the amount our clients get.