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Steve Rabinovici is the Chairman of Business Funding Group and is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company and it’s DBAs, SBA Loan Group and SBA Funding. Steve has over 40 years of senior management experience in various healthcare, finance and finance-related firms. He was the Chairman/CEO of a New York Stock Exchange company, Complete Management Inc. (CMI) with a market cap of approximately $1 billion. He was also the Chairman of a well-known investment bank that completed over $150 million worth of investment banking transactions annually. Steve has been involved as either a principal or the funding source in over 150 mergers and acquisitions, totaling over $3 billion in valuations.

Steve received his master’s degree in public health and business administration from Columbia University and a juris doctorate degree from New York Law School.

SBA Funding
SBA Funding


Jarret Prussin is the Chief Executive Officer of Business Funding Group and is responsible for all strategic business relationships and the day-to-day operations of the company. Jarret is responsible for Business Funding Group’s legal lending division and has helped many high profile law practices structure complex financial deals. Jarret is a deal closer and aggressively pursues unique financial solutions on behalf of his clients. Prior to co-founding Business Funding Group and it’s DBA’s SBA Loan Group and SBA Funding, Jarret built the largest legal lending brokerage firm in the United States. He is personally responsible for facilitating over $1 billion dollars worth of transactions.


Rebecca Harris is the Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for all marketing strategy and operations for Business Funding Group’s various brands. Prior to joining Business Funding Group, Rebecca oversaw marketing for Axiom Investors. Rebecca was responsible for designing and executing the comprehensive marketing strategy that communicated the firm’s value proposition to institutional investors and grew assets under management. Rebecca began her career in financial services at SAC Capital Advisors, now known as Point 72 Asset Management. Working within the due diligence team, she managed the day-to-day operations of a $1 billion portfolio invested in externally managed hedge funds and private equity funds.

Rebecca earned her bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University and her master’s degree from New York University.

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