E-Commerce Loans

The Small Business Administration encourages the entrepreneurial spirit that has turned e-commerce into a booming industry. SBA loans finance companies that make less than $5 million in profits and that may lack collateral and a steady stream of income, factors that characterize many small e-commerce sites.

A small e-commerce business must pay for inventory or production of its product, marketing, transactional costs, IT development, site design and delivery, and other expenses that can soon cut deeply into profits.

E-commerce companies are often denied traditional loans. First, banks have not kept pace with the times. Loan officers often incorrectly perceive e-commerce businesses as being less tangible because of the ethereal quality of conducting business over the web. In addition, an Internet business only asset is often its inventory, which is not easily liquid and so serves as insufficient collateral. Fortunately, SBA loans consider availability of collateral as one factor, not a make-or-break requirement, as banks do.

Our e-commerce specialists concentrate on SBA loans for Internet-based businesses. We stay on top of the latest technological advances to always deliver the best advice to cutting edge e-commerce businesses at the upstart or expansion stage.

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